Benefits of Membership
with Eighth District Dental Society

Continuing Education

The Eighth District Dental Society offers many opportunities for its members to earn continuing education credits for relicensure. These include:

  • Spring All Day Seminar
  • Dr. Richard Fink Memorial Lecture
  • Infection Control Seminar
  • Risk Management Seminar, presented by Fortress Insurance
  • Continuing Education at the annual golf tournament

Peer Review

As a component of the New York State Dental Association, Eighth District Dental Society members demonstrate their commitment to quality care through the NYSDA Peer Review and Quality Assurance Program.

Peer Review provides a confidential, impartial and timely way to resolve complaints about the appropriateness and quality of dental treatment provided by NYSDA-member dentists. Participation in this alternative dispute resolution process is a membership requirement.

Peer Review resolves patient complaints confidentially. Neither the process nor its outcome is reported to any outside agency – or the public. Peer Reviews are resolved by a committee of impartial professional peers. Peer Review resolutions are final. Peer Review findings have been upheld by the court, providing the doctor with immunity from subsequent litigation.

 A Guide to Peer Review outlines the process a Peer Review case undergoes on its way to resolution.

Peer Review provides:

  • An alternative to resolve complaints about dental treatment;
  • An objective evaluation of treatment by a committee of impartial professional peers;
  • Confidentiality;
  • A refund of fees to the patient when treatment is not consistent with the standard of care.

To be eligible for Peer Review:

  • Treatment must be provided by a NYSDA member dentist; 
  • Treatment must have been completed within 2 ½ years prior to submission of the Agreement to Submit to Peer Review;  
  • Dispute cannot have been submitted to or resolved by an alternative mechanism; i.e., collection action, legal proceeding, OPD, etc.

Ethics Reviews

The Eighth District Dental Society follows the Ethics Code of New York State Dental Association. Any individual - member or public - can file an ethics complaint against a member dentist. Our Ethics Chairperson will review the complaint and take appropriate actions. Ethics complaints involve issues such as advertising, patient interactions other than the dental treatment provided by a dentist, etc.

Patient Referral

The Eighth District Dental Society, through the referral program, encourages patients who call our office to seek dental treatment from a member dentist. When the public call us looking for a dentist, we refer them to our members.

Health Insurance (2021 Plans Posted)

​The Eighth District Dental Society offers health insurance plans to its members, their families and their employees. You can see the current plans and plan documents here:

Health Insurance Plan Information

Chemical Dependency Assistance

NYSDA is committed to aiding our colleagues and students in addressing substance abuse and addiction. The Chemical Dependency Committee provides a statewide network of dentist-peers who are available to assist members, dental students, their families, and dental office staff in addressing problems with drugs or alcohol. The purpose of this committee is to prevent career destruction through early intervention that may result in appropriate treatment, maintaining the health of the provider as well as the practice and related family.

All inquiries are confidential and non-punitive. When a dentist's license or student's career is at risk, the committee can help protect these privileges. When necessary for a provider, the Professional Assistance Program (PAP) is available through the NYS Education Department. Limited funding is also available to aid in the cost of treatment for those who don't have the financial resources to get it.

Practicing a profession while impaired can result in a charge of unprofessional conduct. If you know someone who is struggling, it is easy to get help confidentially. Call our Peer Assistant Coordinator, Dr. Bob Herzog, at 716-830-3055; or call the Eighth District representative, Dr. Amy Bryan, at 716-807-4131; or call NYSDA administrator, Dr. Judith Shub, at 1-800-255-2100.