There are many different ways that you can donate to the Eighth District Dental Society.

  • Eighth District Relief Fund - The Eighth District Relief Fund, which is managed by the Eighth District Dental Foundation, exists to provide limited one-time monetary assistance grants for members experiencing financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. These include catastrophic events that adversely affect the operation of a practice (e.g. storm damage, fire, etc.), and long-term illness or surgery that limits one's ability to work at full capacity (member, spouse, or child). In order to obtain a Relief Fund grant, members must present a formal request to the Eighth District Dental Foundation.
  • The Dental Office at Good Neighbors - The Dental Office at Good Neighbors is a completely volunteer run dental clinic serving residents of Buffalo. All services are provided free of charge, on a first come first served basis. The Dental Office currently has hours on Wednesday and Friday. The Eighth District Dental Foundation supports The Dental Office in numerous ways - 1) we provide funding towards the salary of the Dental Coordinator; 2) we provide funding for supplies and other special requests as we receive them from The Dental Office.
  • Dr. Richard Fink Memorial Lecture - The Dr. Richard Fink Memorial Fund of the Eighth District Dental Foundation is intended to memorialize the contributions to dentistry of Dr. Richard Fink, 2005 President of Eighth District Dental Society, and to assist in underwriting the cost of honorarium payable to the speaker(s) at the Annual Dr. Richard Fink Memorial Lecture.
  • Eighth District Dental Society Awards - Each year, the Eighth District Dental Society presents several awards to students in dental school, hygiene school or dental assistant school.

If you wish to make a donation to any of the above listed funds, please call the Eighth District Dental Society at 716-995-6300.