Executive Council Participation

The Eighth District Dental Society is always looking for members who want to get involved.

Each year, we nominate and elect a new incoming Secretary - who will advance through the officer positions, eventually becoming President.

Each year, we also nominate and elect:


The primary duty of the position of Councilor-at-Large is to serve as a liaison between the membership and Council. This position is to ensure that members in all sectors are being served by the society and their voices are present and heard by leadership. Candidates for this position should have a vision for the growth of the society, have strong leadership skills, demonstrated ability to achieve results, and be able to nurture the next leaders in the membership.

Becoming a councilor-at-large is an excellent way to become exposed to and educated on the inner workings of the Executive Council.


Council/Committee Chair

Council Chairs are the Eighth District Dental Society's representatives to NYSDA Councils. Council Chairs are appointed for a four-year term, and can serve two consecutive terms. Council Chairs attend NYSDA Council meetings and report to the Eighth District Dental Society Executive Council any relevant information from those NYSDA meetings.

Committees are more local, specific to Eighth District Dental Society. Committee Chairs do not report to NYSDA. Committee Chairs are appointed for one-year terms, and can serve up to six consecutive terms.

NYSDA Delegate

NYSDA Delegates are Eighth District Dental Society's representatives to the NYSDA House of Delegates. The House of Delegates meets once a year in June.

To view a full list of Executive Council positions, CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in any of the Executive Council positions, please call the Eighth District Dental Society at 716-995-6300.