Eighth District Dental Society
Student Loan Award Program

The Eighth District Dental Society is pleased to announce the first Student Loan Award Program for 2020. The Program was designed by the Eighth District's Student Loan Award Program Committee, mirrored after the Second District Dental Society's Dental School Loan Forgiveness Program. The program was approved by the Eighth District's Executive Council in 2019.

The Student Loan Award Program recognizes the ever increasing student loan debt problem facing dental students and graduates today. The Program was created to assist younger dentists who are just starting out in practice and who have chosen to call WNY their professional home.

The Eighth District Dental Society strives to provide assistance to its members, especially to new graduates. Since 2016, the Eighth District Dental Society underwrites the first year malpractice premium for new members who obtain their coverage through Fortress Insurance. We host numerous events geared specifically for New Members, usually at no cost to attendees.

For 2020, the Student Loan Award Program will provide 2 awards, each in the amount of $5,000.

The Program is open to all newly-licensed dentists who have had their licenses five years or less, completed their residency programs, are full paid active members of Eighth District Dental Society and have more than $50,000 in documented dental school loan debt. The award is a one-time grant. The awards will be paid directly to the loan provider on the awardee’s behalf.

The application, which you can download below, asks candidates to fill out demographic information, send dental school transcripts and provide other information that will distinguish themselves to the program committee. The application also asks the applicant’s current ​WNY employer(s) to complete a directed recommendation form to illustrate the candidate’s character and leadership skills and commitment to the WNY area.

The application period for this year’s program will open on January 1, 2020 and will close on March 31, 2020. The Student Loan Award Program Committee will sort through the completed applications and select the 2020 recipients for presentation to the Eighth District Dental Society Executive Council for final approval. The awardees will be notified by the end of April 2020.

So, if you are a new dentist who has been licensed for five years or less, have completed your residency, are practicing in WNY, have more than $50,000 in dental school loan debt, are a paid active member of the Eighth District Dental Society and would like to pay up to $5,000 less to your loan provider, please complete an application by March 31, 2020. It is our sincere hope that you will be one of the selected award recipients!

Student Loan Award Program Policies

Student Loan Award Program Application

Student Loan Award Program Employment Verification Form